Mode follows the couture.

Mode follows the couture. "
This explains quite well at first. That is to say that the hair is determined by the toilet, the hat will complement and the coronation of the dress, supreme touch, the flange and final victory, which can not be decided as a last resort after all the learned artifice of costume has been arrested and set to the smallest lineaments.
It is a collaboration separate a special nature, between the two elements which is reserved for the first chance.
A third item arrives and establishes harmony between the two inspirations who had worked consult, but without all times to ignore.
This third element is the woman and caprice.
This perpetual play between three fantasies come all the charm of the unexpected
has all the logic of nature.
Nothing is more attractive than this unity in diversity and at the same time nothing more in line with natural laws.
It is the main currents of fashion as the major climate changes are influenced and all the sudden everyone has their own way.
If therefore follows Couture Fashion is without direct action, tyrannical one and another but in almost infallible instinct, and free inspiration.
Fashion is more than sewing a delicious game of chance,
while requiring no less determination, inventiveness, taste, art in a word.
The milliner is generally even more feminine than women, and the seamstress a little bit more manly.
The seamstress is expansive, the milliner is about protocol.
As a woman, the milliner hides his game, the seamstress is relatively less capable of concealment.
The sheer number of milliners, significantly lower than the seamstresses, gives them the illusion that they form a nice aristocracy, as it strives
to prove their maintenance, maintenance and turn of mind, the illusion ends equivalent
in fact, the appearance is strengthened by a reinforcement of reality acquired.
Thus are born the fine nuances and significant in the process and in the first.
Milliner say that has never been seen in the street without hat, bare head with her "hair"
as seamstresses ....
A hat, when the principle is found, germinates, grows and blooms in three or four hours. What gardener would be indifferent, insensitive enough, not interested
despite him a flower would grow and was visibly?
The first invent new models; the formière built the general framework of the object;
The apprêteuse takes the skeleton of all that constitutes its visible matter and basic color;
completes the stocker to give life by throwing everything on it is original,
characteristic and precious ornamentation.
These are the four degrees, without more, the genesis of his fragile fantasies.
Operations continue on an ongoing basis, and as step by step;
these collaborators never lost sight of, and the work often comes from
one to the other to reach its perfection.
Each of these workers is to see exquisite work of its kind, as it is of grace,
application and decision in each of his movements.
It is however up to the"formière" who works on the subjects most thankless
plaiting materials, stiff muslin, cartilage skeleton, such as brass is the skeletal system,
which is in its part an artist.
His task is even the most important, since, as in any work of art,
the first condition of success is a solid construction and just move.
Movement, milliners frequently use this term so selected and so complete,
When it comes to the form they have given to one of their draft.
In a movement of these plates, you can put infinite spirit or courage, flexibility or strength.
These are the same, up to a certain point, the shape of its main lines and choice of directions, which are  in simplicity ,recognize the different kinds of houses, even more than fillings itself.
The apprêteuse is no less remarkable for its multiple skills, his ability to drawn the landscape of the frame.
The  most diverse fabric, the most unexpected materials, pass through his hands
and obey like a miracle, from the most fragile cobwebs tulle,
up more sheets felt, velvet thickest, most wild furs,
without first losing any of their fresh air, and the fierce resistance
other being relaxed at the end.
It is these tissues that would blast, believed to evaporate, and there are those who viciously broken needles.
The apprêteuse is a game of it: the fabric is stretched out like a living skin
musculature on a firm, or a delicate gathers unspeakable
it becomes like a new material, the machine could never achieve.

Google transaltion  from
Alexandre Arsène‎
Les reines de l'aiguille modistes et couturières (étude parisienne)‎ Belin Théophile, Paris 1902