Two new minimen on this new crown has you just see on Fluxit
This is a partial blocking …that reveal the principal detail of this man crown .
The rest of the body will appear on a creative process …
I brought the duality of those 2 projects …in a blocking process and technique at first
and secondly on a self trim felt fascination ….

Headband 1991

I make made this double block by Lorenzo « La Forme » in 1991 … I was at Kates Millinery…20 yrs ago .so we can qualify is vintage …
I’m starting 2 news projects on this block …
It’s a partial blocking on an half body…
A wood block is more than a form for a hat…. you must see beyond the hat….

Grey undulation

Grey undulation

Hokusai waves me always more inspiration ….


The act or an instance of moving; a change in place or position.
A particular manner of moving.
A series of actions and events taking place over a period of time and working to foster a principle or policy
An organized effort by supporters of a common goal.
The suggestion or illusion of motion in a painting, sculpture, or design.
The rhythmical or metrical structure of a composition.
This movement hat reproduce is own movement of energy .
Your creativity in your hands


First Movement Felt.
furfelt,french wire,vintage silk gros grain,thread.
the wired felt trim is part of the continious cut from the full brim body.


This hat is the first of HF collection …Homine
Fluxit bleed through thoses dots.
The original size of the full block .Crown and Brim By Lorenzo RÉ by my original design .

Furfelt ,Aeterna ,Metallic thread Dorures Louis Mathieu ,gros grain,wire.

Mr Comb

This crown made from La Forme is a Treacy ...bought in 2007.
Honeycomb veiling is bold and graphic to hold in gravity as a top Hat shape.
Aeterna hand free cutting comb deco pattern in 2D.
I will shoot the hat on a live subject with a contrast color lining in the crown...

Mr Comb