Mini PT

Mini PT is named after a full size crown made for Philip Treacy for 2011 winter collection for both men and women

as example of men style for women and vice versa a comptemporary definition of the feminisation of masculinity

as no frontier when is a design .

But for me this design was already drawn and executed in the early 90's in a block for Yojhi YAMAMOTO

an oversized man hat with an front pointed very accentuated .

Which Kates millinery bought a more controlled version to make a fur hat for men .

A block in 5 sections with a double brim . i actually made me a hat in furfelt .

This hat is a rebirth of the original design from Lorenzo .

That why made it on the head size of a new born 18 " to 20"

I want to accentuate at the maximun the angle of the pitch in the front and the pointedness

i made myself the conterpart for the tip of the crown.

the brim is a miniature of a top hat or derby ,for a hand roll finish.

I'm on really this crown since i block and free block different styles in felt ...and in straw.

Trim band for Panama

The trim band for Panama are removable and made to suit the 3 crowns :

You can choose your color combination for contrast or solid according

the 5 colors in 47 mm width

the 3 colors in 40mm width

the only color in 52 mm width

You can aslo combine a double trim of another style or color on the same hat or to have the versatility of the change.

Colors French ribbons 2.

Edmond Bailly
J Jarin Succesceur
Width 40 mm or n"10
Silk and coton
Colors Broussailles,Cacao,Marron

AS & cie
Width 47 mm or n"18
Color Sapin
Silk and Coton

AS & cie
Width 52 mm or n"20
Color Olive
Silk and Rhodia

Colors French ribbons .

AS & cie Galons Extra Chapellerie
Width 47 mm or n"18
Silk and Coton
Silk and Rhodia
Silk and Rayon

PT 2004

PT crown is made after Philip Treacy block made by Lorenzo at la Forme in 2004 .
Large and wider is top tip as heartfull shape .
That a "men" style very feminin.
Made in 58 cm or 22 3/4 inch the headsize suit up to 24 inch or 61 cm.


932 is made in 1994 from la Forme in Paris
I made this block when i start to recycle men hat in felt from second hand at RAG rue St Martin in Paris .
I was also very inspire by a Yohji Yamamoto block made by Lorenzo in large oversize proportion.
The block is in 23 inch or 58,5 cm and wide oval at the top.


931 crown made in 1994 from La Forme in Paris.
The tip is design as an iron .
This crown as feature for pattern ,tucking and top stitch.