Millinery machines inventory and maintenance

As i m considering to make hats and millinery i actually have to go and evaluate what i left in box for more than 15 yrs .
Machines are the tools of a milliner
The needle is the tool of the modiste.
I actually restore two machines than i never use really ...
when i bought my lot deal in 1988 ,from a furrier who was doing fur hats and leather hats too.
he never used the straw machines too.
I broke one of them in Cape town in 1997 , in the frame part of the under tooth piece.
So just rebuilt one full from this one and the parts i got.
In millinery the materials are all differents from straws to felt ,ribbons and not only a tension adjustement,feets and tooths have to be change in order to make the work propelly and not damage some very delicate materials as straw braid as example...
I 'm setting the Willcox for straw and ribbons...