The 2nd hat of the 3 "a new crown on my block"
Monograms ,"abcedaire" and calligraphy is another application of this "art appliqué"
In a future, Handwriting will disappear and will remain artistically by drawing a gesture more than utility ....
AS I draw better than i write ....handfully for me i will never lost this skill...

D G is the 2 letters of this monogram on this hat
The cutting process as intergrate in the wiring in the decorative aspect.

In my concept of recycling ,I use the material as source decorative without adding more external source of consumerism …..it ‘s the principal inspiration in Art Nouveau…which as organically and naturally inspire me .

Again the line is the continuation of my work in my millinery life…

The point is like a root you pulled from life to death
Just like a trimming ,a garniture ,a feather….

Lines moves , points stops.