Waloo little wild horse...

Waloo is a little wild horse who like to run after all the friend more than anyone else....for some reasons...
She's in love with the little cub with curly hair...Afronita.
This wild horse is made in a finest Fur felt 'suede finish' from Czech Republic...
Fermely hand shape on a french wood block from La Forme in Paris.
She wear a vintage ''Honey comb'' veiling ,
under her fringe tucked with a silver hand embroided beendie silver .
She's had top stich drawing her best feature.
Ajustable in the back as a corset fastening with a delicate narrow satin and cord ribbon.
Hold with an elastic nothing on your head of hair.
Waloo is your unique friend at 380 $ US plus shipping fees.
Delivery within 4 to 20 days worldwide...free delivery for 2 items.